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  My day went off at a lovely start.  Because we had to be here when the tech for Mediacom arrived to set up our phone and internet, our entire morning was tied up at home.  I didn't think much of it at first.     They told us between nine and noon they would be here. That's fine, I told myself, That will give us an hour to go to the store for groceries way before hubby goes to work. Well, noon came and went.  Hubby even started feeling a little apprehensive. "I bet they don't even come today," he groaned.  
  "I confirmed on the phone twice," I answered with equal aggravation. "They have been calling almost everyday."
  Over an hour later, the tech arrives.  By the time he left, there was barely enough time for Jarod to make a mad dash by himself to the store for a few things.  
  Despite the alteration in my plans for today, I still managed to get some of my to-do's completed.  Our bedroom is straightened up, our load of laundry washed and put away, I sifted through some of baby doll's old clothes (some to keep for the baby on the way as she gets older, and some to giveaway), and vacuumed the hallway.  Next I'll be finishing the kitchen, vacuuming our room, and hopefully cleaning and vacuuming Tori's room.

 Tori has this cute habit of taking most of her toys, blankets and pillows, and creating a little nest in front of the gate in her room.  I have never seen anything like it.  In fact, she would much rather sleep in that heap of chaos, than in her own bed.  While it's an adorable quirk of hers, it is quite hazardous to my own health.  I have to watch it when I try to get in her room, already being off balance from my baby bump.  We are constantly trying to coax her back into her own bed when she sleeps.  But then, sure enough, the next morning we find her curled up among her little treasures.

  <3 Beth.



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