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Last Wednesday, in the wee hours of the morning, I started having really intense contractions.  Because I was induced with my eldest, I just chalked them up to braxton hicks just getting worse.  I couldn't sleep, however.  My body racked with sporadic pain for a few hours. Around five am rolled around and I felt a jolt; it wasn't the baby either.  After running to the bathroom, I messaged  my friend Honey (also a mommy blogger at http://www.honeygirlsworld.com), on facebook, as she lives in Hawaii; and being six hours behind us, I knew she might be on. After prodding her with some questions, she advised I call the hospital and go.  Feeling the contractions becoming more intolerable, I was glad to do so.  Not long after my arrival, they did some labwork. Sure enough, my water did break, as I suspected, but didn't quite know for sure.
  There was talk about a possible c-section, as my cervix wasn't soft enough, the baby still up too high, and my contractions were a mimicry of some sort. They weren't the real thing.   Yet, as the morning dragged on, they found that my cervix did soften by fifty percent, but my blood pressure was still skyrocketing, and the babies heart beat kept slowing.  Around three o'clock they checked me again, the nurse informed me in a hurry, that the baby was lowered already and it was time.  I had wondered if it was time before she came in the room, as I felt the urge to push.
    After four really good pushes (and small ones I did out of rhythm, being impatient and wanting to be done) the doctor pulled her out and laid her on my stomach at three-thirty pm.  A wave of emotion washed over me; very much like the same I felt the moment my eldest was born.  It is indescribable.   
  Another beautiful baby girl!  Alexandra weighed six pounds and ten ounces- almost a pound smaller than Victoria when she was born. So tiny! 

  .I am so glad to finally meet this doll.  As my due date was approaching rapidly at the end, my anticipation was growing.  I am already getting to know her-my little night owl with an appetite! And she is quite the tease.  Lexi has a habit of grinning at me now, but when I tell daddy to come and see, immediately the smiles are replaced with a blank expression, when he approaches.

    Dear Tori didn't really know what to make of Lexi at first.  Now she fondly refers to her as "sisters."  We are still trying to teach her Lexi's name.  Following the new babe's cries, Baby Blue exclaims, "ooh nooo!" 
   My heart is full; I am so blessed.  

<3 Beth.


05/13/2013 7:02pm

Congratulations. So happy for all of you. Yay Baby Lexi. :D


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