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 After seeing many promotions on television, last month, for this product, I decided to purchase it at my local Walmart.  I bought the color One Size Fits Pearl.  I love baby pink tones, and it looked like something that would go with any look easily.  
 When I first applied it, I didn't see very much color, unless I added more layers-a lot more.  I am pale  so the pale pink just kind of faded in.  As the day wore on, I kept feeling the need to apply, and reapply more than I usually do than with my other lip products.   By the evening, I realized my lips were continually becoming more dry, and starting to hurt a bit. When I removed the product I almost started crying.  My lips felt so raw and cracked.  I don't know if it was any of the ingredients or what, but I had a bad reaction.  I have tried many lip products over the years and have NEVER had a problem like this before.  I am surprised of the outcome, considering I love Maybelline's Baby Lips and their Vivids lipsticks, and have had no issues with either.  I did return this product for a refund, and do not plan to try their Whispers again.  Even weeks after using the product that one day, I still had dryness to combat, which was never an issue before.  It was like peeling dander on my lips all the time!!! 

I would highly recommend doing further research for more reviews before wasting money on this product.  After my friend Honey (honeygirlsworld) 
and I discussed it at length we agreed that it is  too much money for an over-hyped lip balm (that's pretty much all it is, being that it lacks pigmentation at all).  If anything you are really just paying extra for adorable packaging.  Which it is a crying shame it doesn't deliver, as they did get that part right.  I will stick to my baby lips, Eos, and Smackers lip products if I want a lip balm, thank you much!

<3 Beth.



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